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"Age less."

Had a family lunch yesterday then went on a trip to Vindey this morning to grab some cases of champagne (Had a bottle, natch) before going to a restaurant (Had some excellent red wine) and visiting the church.

Then went home and chilled with tea and the dogs.

My mother got me a Pléiade collection of French surrealist philosopher Georges Bataille's fiction and my sis got me the last volumes of Biomega I needed to complete my collection. The special edition copy I pre-ordered of Halo: Reach way back in February also arrived a few days back, though I won't be able to play it until I'm back in England. It's both strange and great to get feelies with a major videogame release in this day and age, especially in the form of a scribbled journal chock full of eyes only intel photos, doodles and newspaper clippings. The last time I got one of those was back in 1993, when Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade came with a copy of the Grail Diary that was essential to get past the copy-protection and solving the core mystery.
Tags: biomega, birthday, bungie, georges bataille, halo: reach, tsutomu nihei, video gaming
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